Film Techniques

Resources and and an exercise designed to refresh our knowledge of film techniques.

3.4 Writing Portfolio: The Tragic Hero Essay

Following our study of King Lear, the class will now work on their individual essay centred around the notion that King Lear is an Aristotelian tragic hero. This task is the first of the writing

A Note on Human Nature

In order to grasp the notion of “Human Nature”, the class paused today to discuss this extract from Sophocles. Wonders are many and none more wonderful than man … In the meshes of his woven

King Lear- An Analysis

We have now finished reading King Lear and have explored some of the literary elements presented in the text along the way. Our task now is to analyse the text as a tragedy and see how

King Lear- An Exploration

This post will develop over the course of the class’ study of the Shakespearean play, King Lear. Please note: a block of text that has a blue background indicates a question or action that the students

An Introduction to Aristotle

Before we begin exploring King Lear, the class is working on understanding Aristotle’s tragic theory. The slides below are the starting point for this task and will help to guide the students to develop an understanding

The Course Outline

Below you will find the offical course outline for the Level 3 program, Knowledge Through Suffering with Mrs. Plunkett.

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