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Unfamiliar Text Exam Resources

Mr Waugh has kindly put together entire exams (question books, resource books, marking schedules and model answers) for you to look through as you begin to prepare. These can be found on his website by


2.5 Debating Task and Guide

Whiteboard notes on speech writing: Hook: Engage the audience – anecdote, analogy, metaphor, information overload (highest-grossing list). Introduction: must outline the moot, your team’s arguments and how you plan to add to this argument. Rebuttal:

Protected: Exam Preparation

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Debating: Teams and Moots

The moots and teams for our end of year debates.


Citizen Kane- A Discussion

This is a little late in being posted, sorry! Over the past couple of weeks, students have been exploring the connections across texts from the genre of tragedy. We have looked at a range of


3.8 Significant Connections

The class is currently working on developing their thoughts for about our entire program of learning for this year. They are now investigating the features of the genre across four texts. Their findings will be


The Gladiator Lecture

Below is a copy of the notes I wrote before I lectured the class. This was new territory for me but the feedback from my students was very positive. They felt it helped to clarify


3.4 Writing Portfolio: Task 2

We have come to the end of our study of Gladiator and the second writing portfolio task is now upon the class. The task handout can be found below. Below are some of the scenes

3.4 Writing Portfolio: The Tragic Hero Essay

Following our study of King Lear, the class will now work on their individual essay centred around the notion that King Lear is an Aristotelian tragic hero. This task is the first of the writing

A Note on Human Nature

In order to grasp the notion of “Human Nature”, the class paused today to discuss this extract from Sophocles. Wonders are many and none more wonderful than man … In the meshes of his woven


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