2.5 Debating Task and Guide



Whiteboard notes on speech writing:

Hook: Engage the audience – anecdote, analogy, metaphor, information overload (highest-grossing list).

Introduction: must outline the moot, your team’s arguments and how you plan to add to this argument.

Rebuttal: Identify the weak points in the opposition’s argument. Correct them.
State what’s wrong with the argument.
Explain how it can/should be percieved
Give an example that supports your take
Confirm the Y-der purpose of what you’re saying

Main Arguments: This should follow a SEXY structure (State, expand, example, Y-der purpose) to ensure your points are well explained. The use of the “ three-pronged” approach developed by Aristotle should be considered (Ethos, Pathos and Logos). Ensure you leave no statement unexplained and that your language choices are strong and active.

Conclusion: The reverse of your introduction. Summarise the highlights of your argument. Close with another moment that allows the audience to engage with your task on the issue (Bookends – come back to the opening analogy or hook).

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